Supply Chain Management

supply chain

Starting from Procurement department, the supply chain management reaches to the part where the distribution occurs through our subsidiaries till the very retailers who are responsible for dispensing our products to the general public. Its responsibility is thus divided into two major parts.


Procurement System

First part of the department is concerned with procurement and it has the responsibility to plan, procure (through approved vendors) and make sure all raw materials (according to pre-approved specifications) for manufacturing of our quality products are available.

The Procurement Department at Hamaz keeps a steady eye on the consistent availability of raw materials and other manufacturing supplies for its steady inflow both from the local and International markets to maintain the line of production uninterrupted. Proper inventory and cost control features developed and exercised through in-house systems have helped the management retain the production costs within appropriate levels.

Distribution System

The second part of the department is responsible to forward the stocks produced to the distribution house according to their requirement.

To meet the challenges of product distribution and to ensure availability of the company’s products all over the country, a well-managed distribution house exists within the company. The purpose built facility is located adjacent to the manufacturing units and has the capacity to cater to the product distribution requirements of all the companies in the group. The impressive setup has a well-established distribution network whose prime objective is to appoint distributors at district level for the distribution of company’s products all over the country.

Material Management & Storage

Material Management & Storage Department at Hamaz Pharma, has ample space and qualified professionals for the proper storage and handling of all raw materials, packaging components and finished goods.

The experienced leadership of the head of department combined with the technical strength of senior qualified person engrosses the quality matters into such intricate details that the quality of the starting materials and dispensed systems give the sense of reliability.

The storage spaces are now equipped with round the clock monitoring Data Loggers and the design of the areas are validated by WHO approved method of Thermal Mapping repeated throughout the year.

The differentiated storage areas comprise of:

  • Quarantine Areas
  • General Raw Material Stores and Dispensing Areas
  • Cephalosporin Raw Material Store and Dispensing Area
  • Steroidal Raw Material Store and Dispensing Area
  • Packaging Material Stores
  • Finished Goods Stores


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